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Managing integrity of used vehicle certification inspection and inspection organisations

All vehicles entering New Zealand must be checked, certified, registered and licensed before they can be used on the road. This process is called entry certification.

The NZ Transport Agency’s approach to assessing any potential conflicts of interest with regard to this process is set out in an operational policy.  At the time the policy was created, some integration of the used vehicle supply chain was anticipated and taken into account, but not to the extent that has subsequently occurred.  

Proposed policy changes

The proposed policy changes include:

  • clarification on the definition of ‘conflict of interest’;
  • strengthened controls for appointing used vehicle entry certification inspectors and organisations to avoid these conflicts of interest; and
  • making sure that all vehicle inspectors and organisations have an ongoing duty to tell us about any conflicts of interest that arise

This is an important part of ensuring New Zealand has a safe land transport system that the public can have confidence in.

Under the consultation we propose that the changes will come into effect after submissions have been reviewed, subject to us considering any submissions about the date on which the policy should be implemented.   This timeframe has been extended from our original proposal because we decided to allow more time for people to provide feedback on the proposal (as noted below).

Consultation document

Questions and answers

View the questions and answers about the policy consultation 

How to have your say

The Transport Agency welcomes your comments on the proposed policy changes.

When you provide your feedback, it would be helpful if you would consider and comment on the following questions:

  1. What impact would the proposed changes have, and on whom? 
  2. Would any groups or individuals benefit from the proposed changes, and if so how?
  3. Would any groups or individuals be disadvantaged by the proposed changes, and if so how?
  4. Are there any implementation or compliance issues that would need to be considered?

Please provide examples to illustrate your points wherever possible.

Submissions can be made in writing in email or letter form.  There is no set submission form. 

All submissions should be sent to:

Charles Ronaldson
General Manager Customer Design and Delivery
NZ Transport Agency
Private Bag 6995
Marion Square
Wellington 6141
New Zealand

Or email Charles Ronaldson at

The original deadline for feedback was 5pm, Friday 30 November 2018.  

In response to strong industry interest and a request to extend the deadline, the Agency has decided to extend the consultation period to 22 March 2019. Several potential submitters have also sought further information from the Agency about the proposed changes. This extension will ensure that submitters have the opportunity to make their submissions.

All submissions must be received by no later than 5pm, Friday 22 March 2019.