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National register of consultants

We hold a national register of consultants available for Transport Agency professional services tenders. Consultants may express their interest to tender for certain fields of expertise.

View the current national register of consultants

How to apply to be on the register

Any consultant may register by emailing an electronic copy of the application form found in the application pack, along with general information about the register.

Download the application pack

The list of registered consultants will be updated monthly and published on the first business day every month. Applications are required for inclusion five business days prior to this date.

Anyone wishing to be added or removed from this list can do so at any time by emailing These changes will be included in the monthly register update.

Frequently asked questions

Can any consultant be on the register?

Yes, any available consultant that can carry out any of the fields of expertise stated in the application form can be on the register.

What will it cost me?

Applying or being on the register is free of charge.

What’s the benefit of being on the register?

For the fields stated in the register, the register will be used to invite consultants to bid for Transport Agency projects in conjunction with the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS), a free service designed to promote open, fair competition in the New Zealand government market. Any consultant on the register may also be selected directly or invited to a closed tender procedure (typically of value below $200,000 or $400,000 respectively). However, being on the register is no guarantee that a consultant will be selected

Visit the GETS website(external link)

My fields of expertise are not on the register, what do I do?

The register of consultants will only be used for fields of expertise stated in the application form.

Is the register of consultants public?

Yes, as the register is published on the Transport Agency website, anyone can see the information provided.