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Innovation stories

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Planting of rare and threatened species on motorway wetlands

12 Mar 2017

Stormwater landscape renewal activities along the motorway corridor led to a collaboration to explore options for planting rare and threatened species in these areas to improve biodiversity.

‘A vision for Mangere Inlet’ investment guide

12 Mar 2017

During the early project planning stages of the East to West link, it was identified that environmental improvements to the Mangere Inlet could be incorporated...

New bridge width marker design from recycled materials

12 Mar 2017

Bridge width markers are used to guide motorists to a safe distance from bridge barriers. When hit and destroyed, they need to be replaced at...

Battery powered plate compactor

9 Mar 2017

A plate compactor was converted to battery power in order to reduce fume emissions and noise while patching crews were undertaking maintenance in the Homer...

Extending the life of line marking on ramps

25 Oct 2016

The standard methodology for inspecting ramp line marking and retro-reflectivity levels was challenged. A full retro-reflectivity survey of ramps was conducted, and analysis allowed remarking...

Bus reliability improvements: An economic evaluation without traffic modelling

25 Oct 2016

Using electronic passenger and journey time data collected from bus travel to effectively measure bus reliability within a constrained time period.

Utilising GPS based fitness apps to visualise high-use cyclist routes

21 Oct 2016

Using data from GPS-based fitness applications to identify high-use cycling routes, infrastructure can be planned for, which is sensitive to that community’s need.

Retaining existing line marking by precision fine milling

21 Oct 2016

Using precision fine milling between existing line markings to help saves costs of repainting

Minecraft intersection gets kids involved with road safety

21 Oct 2016

Using Minecraft to model traffic and road crossings in their township after the construction of a new major roundabout is helping school children to engage...