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This section provides an overview of the requirements for the NZ Police and the Transport Agency to prepare the Road Policing Programme, which is funded from the National Land Transport Fund.

This is general information about developing programmes for the NLTP. You can find specific information about development of the forthcoming NLTP at the Transport Agency’s planning and investment news page. This includes information on timelines and key dates.

Planning and investment principles

The Transport Agency expects that its planning and investment principles will be applied in the development of the Road Policing Programme.

Use of Business Case Approach

The Transport Agency expects that the principles of the Business Case Approach will be applied to the development of the Road Policing Programme.

Evidence based justification

Road policing activities that are proposed for funding assistance under the NLTP must be supported by robust evidence. 

Assessment profile

The Transport Agency will use the Investment Assessment Framework to assess components of the Road Policing Programme and any improvements it may contain.


The Transport Agency’s prioritisation of components of the Road Policing Programme utilises the priority orders, which sets out the assessment profiles in descending order of profile. 


The process and steps provide detailed information on how to develop the programme for inclusion in the NLTP.