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The ONRC business case approach requires robust data. Local authorities must use the ONRC performance measures in their reporting, and many of the measures must be comparable across the country to enable meaningful comparative reporting and benchmarking.

REG recognises that this represents a significant investment of time and expertise from local authority staff. Through REG, council officers are leading the development of the ONRC Performance Measures Reporting Tool, a user-friendly information management system which local authorities can have confidence in. As we have developed the tool a number of data quality issues have become better understood. The Data work group is looking at ways to resolve these issues.

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For assistance using the reporting tool, please contact technical support: 0800 ONRC PM (0800 6672 76). Calls will go to voicemail but the team will respond within 48 hours.


Status of Asset Analytics in New Zealand [PDF, 1.1 MB]

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