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Mobile apps

In consultation with key industry partners, we’ve developed a number of easy to use mobile applications (apps). These apps are freely available to the roading industry and the wider construction industry.

Zero Harm reporting app

Do you need to report a health and safety incident associated with the NZ Transport Agency?

Zero Harm Reporting App allows for real-time reporting of health and safety incidents, near miss events, good practice or suggestions that occur within Transport Agency offices, on the State Highway Network, or on a project site (regardless of employer). 

If you need to submit your monthly HSE reporting data to the Transport Agency, visit our Monthly Reporting Portal(external link).



Do you own and/or manage a small to medium business?

Developed by the Transport Agency, this free app allows any small to medium New Zealand business to measure and improve their safety performance at no cost. The app allows for the reporting of incidents, near misses, good practice and suggestions in real time from mobile devices. A web-based portal provides business owners with visibility of the real safety issues that impact their business.

For more information, visit link)

Zero Harm pre-use safety check app

Do you drive a NZ Transport Agency vehicle?

This app allows those who drive Transport Agency vehicles to undertake a pre-use safety checks before they travel. It makes your day easier and safer, and helps drivers to meet safety requirements in line with the Transport Agency’s policy on the safe use of company vehicles. 

Vehicle pre-use safety app

Do you own and/or manage a small to medium business that has employees driving for work?

Designed by the NZ Transport Agency, this system is available at no cost for any New Zealand small to medium business that has employees driving for work. It makes basic fleet safety easier to manage. More importantly, it will help to keep your people safer while driving for work. The system has two components; an app that allows your drivers to submit reports, and a custom fleet management dashboard that lets you see and interpret what has been reported. 

For more information, visit link).