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WoF inspection and certification information for customers

The NZ Transport Agency acknowledges that as part of its regulatory compliance review, concerns around the compliance of WoFs issued by vehicle inspectors or businesses (inspecting organisations) have arisen. The following provides information for customers.

WoF alerts: did your vehicle receive its current WoF from one of these businesses?

RegionBusiness name (inspecting organisation)LocationVoucher expiry date
Northland Dargaville Diesel Specialists Dargaville 31 March 2019
Northland Hapi’s Automotive Ltd Whāngārei Voucher valid for three months from the date on your letter.
Auckland Super Cheap Tyres & Auto Services Ltd St Johns 31 March 2019
Auckland El’s Auto Services Papatoetoe 31 March 2019
Auckland Jet Tyres & Alignment Glenfield 31 March 2019
Auckland Susantha Ranatunga (Church Street Motors and Tyres) Onehunga 31 March 2019
Auckland Abnesh Chand (AA North Shore) North Shore 31 March 2019
Auckland Orient Motors Glenfield 31 March 2019
Auckland Westland Mechanical and Tyre Ltd Henderson 31 March 2019
Auckland Sunnybrae Auto Services North Shore 31 March 2019
Waikato Sayad Hussein (Frankton WoF & Tyre Station) Hamilton 31 March 2019
Waikato Te Aroha Automotive Te Aroha 31 March 2019
Waikato Beemac Motors Tokoroa 31 March 2019
Waikato Auto Super Shoppe Hamilton Automotive Repairs Hamilton Voucher valid for three months from the date on your letter.
Waikato Auto Super Shoppe Hamilton Central Hamilton Voucher valid for three months from the date on your letter.
Southland The WOF Man Ltd Invercargill Voucher valid for three months from the date on your letter.

If it did, then you can expect to receive a letter in the mail, including a voucher to have your vehicle re-checked.

If your letter has not yet arrived, or you did not receive a letter, please complete this enquiry form.

We will email your letter and voucher so that you can print this off and get your vehicle re-checked as soon as possible.

Recheck rates

This table shows the number of vehicles that have been re-checked. We encourage all vehicle owners to ensure their vehicle is safe.

Data current at 7 February 2019

RegionBusiness name (inspecting organisation)No. vehicles affectedNo. vehicles reinspected

Includes passed and failed reinspections
No. vehicles passed reinspection

Includes vehicles which passed on first or subsequent reinspections
No. vehicles passed first reinspectionNo. vehicles failed first reinspectionFirst time reinspection pass rate (%)

Vehicles passed first reinspection
Overall reinspection pass rate (%)

Vehicles passed first or subsequent reinspection
Northland Dargaville Diesel Specialists 1,954 1,105 956 387 718 35 87
Auckland Abnesh Chand (entry certifications only) 31 18 17 16 2 89 94
Auckland Westland Mechanical and Tyres Ltd 3,720 1,275 1,080 538 737 42 85
Auckland Orient Motors 3,494 1,617 1,465 748 869 46 91
Auckland Susantha Ranatunga 4,053 1,323 1,125 501 822 38 85
Auckland Jet Tyres and Alignments Ltd (1 VI Anderson Lee WAL) 850 310 278 149 161 48 90
Auckland El’s Auto Service & Repairs Ltd 2,754 488 404 140 348 29 83
Auckland Super Cheap Tyres 2,443 405 339 172 233 42 84
Auckland Sunnybrae Auto Services Ltd 747 126 120 80 46 63 95
Waikato Aaron Grant 613 148 122 34 114 23 82
Waikato Beemac Motors 1,316 243 188 60 183 25 77
Waikato Sayad Hussein 2,826 435 385 175 260 40 89

Questions and answers

  • I am concerned about the quality of my WoF inspection – what should I do to ensure my car was inspected and certified correctly?

    Depending on your concern there are several options:

    If you are concerned that your vehicle was tested at a site listed on our website then please phone 0800 108 809. If you have concerns about a person (vehicle inspector) or the business (inspecting organisation) that carried out your WoF you can report this by calling 0800 468 244. This phone line is free, anonymous and available 24/7.

    The phone line is operated by independent charity Crimestoppers, who run integrity lines for a range of organisations, and staffed by specially trained operators. They’ll pass on all information to the appropriate team to follow up and we’ll ensure all information is reviewed and acted on appropriately where possible.

    We strongly encourage you to have your vehicle re-inspected at an alternative provider.

    If your concern is around a WoF being issued to a vehicle recently purchased, or you feel that your vehicle has not been correctly inspected you can complete a complaints form, in the first instance.

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  • If I receive a voucher for a re-inspection what does this mean?

    While we will cover the cost of your next WoF inspection fee, we may (where appropriate) seek to recover these costs from vehicle inspector who issued your earlier WoF.  Upon presentation of the voucher by you (or someone on your behalf) to one of the WoF providers listed, or upon submitting a reimbursement form for the cost of your WoF inspection, you unconditionally assign your rights to the Transport Agency against the vehicle inspector.

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  • What is a warrant of fitness?

    A warrant of fitness (WoF) is a regular check to ensure that at the time of the inspection your vehicle meets required environmental and safety standards.

    A WoF is not a replacement for regular servicing of your vehicle. Mechanical and structural components can deteriorate over time and between WoFs which can lead to your vehicle becoming illegal or dangerous on the road. It’s your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is maintained to at least WoF condition at all times. For example, while tyres on your vehicle may pass on the day of your warrant inspection, you’ll need to replace them as soon as the tread gets to the minimum depth. If you wait until the next inspection before replacing them, not only is your safety in jeopardy, you risk receiving a fine.

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  • What does a warrant inspection cover?

    The WoF inspection is a general safety check. The aspects checked include:

    • tyre condition (including tread depth)
    • brake operation
    • structural condition (rust is not allowed in certain areas)
    • lights
    • glazing (is your windscreen safe?)
    • windscreen washers and wipers
    • doors (do they open and close safely?)
    • safety belts (must not be damaged or overly faded; buckles must work properly)
    • airbags (if fitted)
    • speedometer (must be working)
    • steering and suspension (must be safe and secure)
    • exhaust (there must be no leaks and the exhaust must not be smoky or louder than the original exhaust system)
    • fuel system (there must be no leaks).

    If you’ve modified your car, motorcycle, van or other light vehicle you may need a low volume vehicle certificate.

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